Outdoor Education

OutdoorEducationDuke of Edinburgh Award  

Students at TGAW have the opportunity to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh programme at Bronze Silver and Gold.  

Students in Year 10 have the chance to begin their award at the bronze level and they can continue this in year 12 and 13 to Silver and Gold.

The preparation work is completed in period 6 where they receive guidance from Academy staff on all aspects of the award. Participation is voluntary but we have a growing number of students that take part in the award.

Students enjoy developing a wide range of skills during the expedition but also benefit greatly from all aspects of the award.


Combined Cadets Force

Students at TGAW have the chance to join the Combined Cadets Force in a partnership with Royal Grammar School Worcester. Current year 9 students are the first year group to take part in this exciting partnership and will be invited to apply to join either the Army, Navy or RAF sections of the CCF. Students will then parade every Tuesday night at RGS Worcester and take part in all associated activities.



The academy supports students taking part in live changing expeditions and now runs an expedition to the Nepalese Himalayas every other year. In 2011 the first group of students and staff were successful in reaching Everest Base Camp andKallar Pattar and a second successful expedition followed in 2013. During these expedition students have the opportunities to work with disadvantaged students in a project school and also visit the Chitwan National Park for a safari.  


European Visit

Every year from 2014 year 10 students have the opportunity to go to Europe and are this year visiting Northern Italy. During the week they will visit Venice, a World War 1 museum in the mountains and a vineyard.