artVisual Arts Curriculum Intent


Visual Arts allows the opportunity for students to take their time and observe slowly. They will engage in activities that develop not only their motor skills, but also social, emotional and cognitive skills, developing Art appreciation by exploring materials, artists, both historical and contemporary, cultures and social context.


Visual Arts enhances thinking through ‘Ways of seeing’. Students are encouraged to look more closely and observe the visual cues and symbols in the world around them. It creates a mindful approach to life where students learn to visualise through careful observation and enhanced imagination. Discussing the Arts, their work and the art of their peers encourages listening to others’ point of view and provides an opportunity for students to work collaboratively, using language effectively to express clearly to others what they see, how they feel, and why. By engaging, reflecting and observing art and its everyday context, students will experience and understand that ideas and emotions can be expressed in many ways. Art is every day and not ‘highbrow’ or only for a few sections of society.


Curiosity – Students are encouraged to form personalised opinions, enhancing independence and motivating a deeper thought of different points of view. There is no right or a wrong answer.

Commitment – In Visual Arts, every child will experience the feeling of creating something new and personal with the opportunity to proudly exhibit and showcase their work to an audience.  Students will learn to understand and respond to the images around them, not only in the classroom, but in their everyday life; thinking about what, how and why they see colour, composition, and scale

Courage – Visual Arts encourages students to express themselves more creatively, developing confidence through the capacity to explore ideas in visual mediums. It provides students with opportunities and ideas beyond the ‘everyday’ and a platform to visually flourish and thrive whilst developing curiosity of the world they live in.

‘New ways of seeing mean new ways of feeling. You can’t divorce the two’ David Hockney. 

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Curriclum Map. Click for more details

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