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The fundamental knowledge we want for all our students is the ability to read and write confidently, so that they can express themselves with clarity. We want students to have the necessary language tools to be able to appreciate the written word of others and to be able to use the written word to empower themselves.


English will develop students’ ability to think critically about the world around them and the written word. This study will encourage them to understand the human experience and themselves. English will encourage students to understand who they are and to develop emotional intelligence, so that they can articulate their own thoughts and feelings and also understand the thoughts and feelings of others.


Curiosity – We want students to be competent and curious readers. Reading will open doors for students to develop their character as it will allow them to express themselves and explore ideas from other perspectives.

Commitment – Students will have the opportunity to engage critically with writers from a range of periods in history and experience the world through others’ eyes. They will read texts of their own choosing for pleasure, not only to develop a love of reading, but to encourage mindfulness.

Courage – Students will feel empowered and confident because they have the language to articulate their ideas and opinions about literature and the world around them. We want all students, having engaged with authors’ ideas, to use their voice and produce their own creative pieces to express themselves and their views.

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