TLCFor most teaching and learning purposes pupils are divided into two parallel (not ability) bands. The pupils in each band are divided into teaching groups, the size of which vary in different subjects, for example, some practical lessons have smaller groups than non-practical lessons.

Organisation of teaching groups within a band varies between different subjects. In some, such as mathematics, pupils are organised in groups according to ability. In other subjects, such as RE, it is felt that mixed ability groups are better. The school believes that each pupil has individual strengths, abilities and aptitudes and this is recognised by all teachers and all departments.

The school has an excellent reputation for the quality of continuous professional development provided for staff.  Our core focus is teaching and learning and, as such, we continually adapt our practice to meet the needs of our students.

A wide range of technological resources are utilised and information technology is an increasingly significant ingredient in lessons.

The intention is to offer the best balance of support and stimulus to ensure success for all.