International Week


At TGAW we aim to promote an understanding of the multicultural society in which we live and encourage global awareness by developing, in our students, an international, growth mindset and intercultural understanding. The final week of each academic year is designated as “International Week”, in which all students take part. This is a fantastic time for all involved, offering an enriching and valuable educational experience, not able to be delivered during a traditional school week. Through immersion in the language, culture and traditions of another country, students are given a unique opportunity to broaden their horizons, be inspired and increase their international awareness. This is achieved through a range of fun, creative and innovative lessons, activities and trips. Students tell us that they really enjoy the week, also see this as a reward for the hard work and commitment to their studies throughout the year. By learning much more about the ever-changing and fascinating world around them, students further develop in self-confidence, acquire greater motivation to expand their knowledge and learn new skills and enjoy a greater sense of pride and achievement.

International Week 2017


La Mas Ellada [Long live Greece!]

This year students will have the opportunity to learn all about Greece and its legacy in modern society. Lessons will include:

English- Odyssey and the art of story telling

Science- Going for Gold!


Greek language lessons

History- A study of class wars- Sparta vs Athena

Art- Investigations into Greek pot design

Food…..Glorious Greek Food!

PE- Ancient Olympia Sport

Democracy- Rule of the People

Philosophy- “The unexamined life is not worth living!” Socrates

Music, Geography, ancient Greek mathematics and much more!

 SAS Wednesday will include a number of fantastic activities on site as well as offering a range of trips.

 Year 10s have a chance to visit Drayton Manor on Tuesday and over 60 of them are looking forward to spending 5 nights in Italy, on our annual trip to the Italian Dolomites.

 All in all, a great way to end the year for all!

International Week 2016


¡Viva Espana!

This year, students attended “Tudor Grange Academy Spain”. Activities and trips have included:

  • Flamenco dancing
  • Spanish language lessons
  • Spanish cuisine, music and art and melodrama
  • debates on bullfighting
  • history on the Spanish Civil War; the study of Guernica
  • a variety of sports including pelota
  • Gaudi style decoration- with our very own Osborne bulls
  • arts and crafts inspired by Picasso, Dali and Gaudi
  • College Competition- the research, design and construction of a famous Spanish monument or building.
  • a Spanish Extravaganza of song, dance, poetry, drama and rewards

The week has also included the annual Year 10 camping trip in the Dolomites, Italy, as well as ten different day trips to exciting places of interest both locally and nationally.



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International Week