Non Clothing Items


No student will be allowed to wear jewellery. A watch may be worn.


Girls may wear a discreet amount of mascara only. No other make-up, nail varnish or false nails are allowed.


Extreme hairstyles, cut and colour are not allowed on any occasion. Examples of extreme hair styles would include close shaved, decoratively shaved, as well as, for boys, hair length below the collar. Two tone colouring, extensive highlighting and decorative braiding are not allowed. Hair bands (girls) should be black or bottle green, if worn. Hair slides (girls) should be plain black or bottle green if worn.


Black or bottle green


Black and pinned under the chin to stay on the head comfortably. Hejabs worn around the neck only are not permitted.


Plain black beanie style or Academy hat.

Academy Bag

An Academy bag purchased from the Academy for years 7 and 8 and a plain black bag suitable for carrying an A4 folder for older year groups.