marlowe Miss E Wylie - College Leader

Mrs C Thornley - College Administrator

Tutor Groups

Tutor Group Tutor Initials Room
M1 Mr A Morgan MAA L104
M2 Miss A Lees LSA L103
M3 Mrs F Cartmell CLF L105
M4 Miss B Merriman MNB L008
M5 Mr J Cameron COJ L109
M6 Mrs K Harper HRK L009
M7 Miss J Chadderton CNJ L010
M8 Mrs A Short/Mrs C Mills STA/MSC L105a
M9 Mr L Mahony MYL L011
M10 Mr M Barnes BSM L116


Life in Marlowe

In a word, Marlowe College is about happiness.   We want Marlowe students to be happy.  We want them to be happy whilst they are part of Marlowe, and we want them to be happy and fulfilled long after they’ve left Marlowe. Our job is to work with the students and their families to help ensure everybody who is part of Marlowe develops the skills and attributes necessary for a happy life.

People are happy when they are passionate about things. We expect our students to try as many different things as possible so they can discover things they enjoy, and will continue to enjoy for their whole lives.  That means taking part in Period 6 activities, auditioning for school productions and choirs, trying out for sports teams, choosing SAS options out of their comfort zone and then working hard towards their SAS awards.  They need to participate in College competitions, learn musical instruments, go on to trips to exciting destinations, and seize every opportunity they see.  And they should read: whether its fiction, non-fiction, comics, or magazines, reading opens up doors to whole new worlds.  Every Marlowe student should always have a book on the go.

People are happy when they are making positive contributions to a community. We expect all Marlowe students to support each other in school by celebrating each other’s success, and we expect them to make a difference when they can, whether it is taking the time to listen to a friend or raising thousands of pounds for charity.

People are happy when they challenge themselves. All students will find lessons and homework challenging at times. We expect Marlowe students to relish those challenges because if it’s easy, then they’re probably not learning very much.  We learn the most when lessons are hard, when we have to put in effort, and when we make mistakes.  When the lesson is over and they’ve met these challenges then they will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Every day the staff in Marlowe and the wider Academy will work hard to develop passion, positivity and provide challenge for their students. With everybody working together, we know our students will thrive.