raleigh Mrs J Butler – College Leader

Mrs C Williams – College Administrator

Tutor Groups

Tutor Group Tutor Initials Room
R1 Miss V O’Donnell  OLV R007
R2 Mr P Bourke BEP B104
R3 Miss C Mackie MEC R108
R4 Mrs L O’Brien ONL P103
R5 Mr P Seage SEP R014
R6 B102
R7 Miss R Jones JSR P102
R8 Miss C George  GEC B113
R9 Mr X Da’Cunha DAX Silent St
R10 Mr M Lazarov LVM B010


Welcome To Raleigh College by Mrs J Butler, College Leader

 ‘ We Give Our All ’

I am extremely proud of our Raleigh students, and all of their fantastic achievements over the past year.  Our college mantra is ‘We Give Our All’ and our pupils have embodied this ethos, taking home the coveted college cup at last year’s annual awards evening.

We give our all in lessons. Hard work is good for us and learning is a pleasure.  This is the message that we continue to share with pupils through our college assemblies.  We want them to ask questions, take risks, talk about their learning and most importantly have a go!

We give our all and embrace new opportunities. We encourage our pupils to challenge themselves and experience new things, this will help them to grow as individuals and progress as learners. So, join a club, perform in a show, be part of a sports team, enjoy a school trip, enter a college competition, learn an instrument, do something new.

We give our all and support each other. Raleigh is a family and our tutors are passionate about supporting their pupils.  They are available for pupils each morning and will be happy to support parents and carers with any queries or concerns.  They will get to know your child very well over the course of their time at Tudor Grange and their wellbeing and happiness is central to everything they do.

I feel proud and privileged to be the College Leader for Raleigh and will certainly give my all to ensure that your child is happy, safe and successful.

J. Butler

College Leader – Raleigh