raleigh Mrs J Butler – College Leader

Mrs C Williams – College Administrator

Tutor Groups

Tutor Group Tutor Initials Room
R1 Miss V O’Donnell  OLV R007
R2 Mr P Bourke BEP B104
R3 Miss C Mackie MEC R108
R4 Miss L Edmunds ESC P103
R5 Mr P Seage SEP R014
R6 Miss D Samrai SID B102
R7 Miss R Jones JSR P102
R8 Miss C George  GEC B113
R9 Mr X Da’Cunha DAX Silent St
R10 Mr M Lazarov LVM B010


Welcome To Raleigh College by Mrs J Butler, College Leader

I am extremely proud of the students in the college, and their achievements over the past year, and I am looking forward to the year ahead as we grow from strength to strength. All students are expected to take a full part in college life, and we are incredibly competitive with other colleges. I always strive for my students to do their very best, and take part in all that is offered to them. My mantra with the students is that they may not enjoy something, but similarly they will never know unless they have a go!

We are very competitive against other colleges – and I always want us to be the very best college. This means that students will be expected to work hard for merits, to take part in extra-curricular clubs and opportunities, to represent the Academy at events and to enter college competitions. There is such a lot on offer here at the Academy, and my vision is that all students leave not only with a fantastic set of exam results, but also full of happy memories of their time in school and a range of experiences that they have taken part in. The ethos within the college is one of competition, hard-work, fun and getting involved in all that is on offer.

If you have any concerns at all during your child’s time here at the Academy, please do not hesitate to contact their form tutor. The tutor team and I are excited about building excellent working relationships with both students and parents, and it is this positive rapport that will help to ensure that all students develop resilience and determination during their time with us. I look forward to celebrating Raleigh successes over the year with you.