vesalius Mr A Roach – Acting College Leader

Mrs S Taylor - College Administrator

Tutor Groups

Tutor Group Tutor Initials Room
V1 Mr M Richards RSM B001
V2 Miss K Ennis ESK B006
V3 Miss A Walker WRA B003
V4 Miss L Real Perez RLL B009
V5 Mrs A O'Connor ORA B007
V6 Miss K Rule/Mr D Bowyer REK/BRD B005
V7 Mr D Gledhill GLD B010 (LL)
V8 Mr S Lawrence LES B013
V9 Miss F Orbell OLF B011
V10 Miss L Free FEL B004


Welcome to Vesalius

Vesalius College is one that celebrates and widely acknowledges the strengths and successes of our students. We have an excellent team of Tutors, who run a varied morning tutor programme of Life Skills sessions, quizzes and the all-important merit logging sessions.  Each half term we participate in a new Inter-College sporting competition, which is a valuable opportunity for the whole College to come together as a team striving towards a common goal.  We have an excellent record of success in these competitions because of the volume of Vesalians willing to challenge themselves and represent their College, and it is this ‘togetherness’ that is one of the best attributes of Vesalius College.

We are highly student centred, with the Student Voice playing a large role in helping me to instil our College identity and vision amongst students. College Captains are highly visible and often present and deliver news through our weekly assemblies, Form Captains propose and organise charity fundraisers and offer valuable feedback and suggestions as to how to improve the Academy .  Furthermore, our students often inspire each other through regularly performing in assemblies and sharing and celebrating group, team or individual successes.

Mr A Roach