walsingham Mr N Turner – College Leader

Mrs T Harris  – College Administrator

Tutor Groups

Tutor Group Tutor Initials Room
W1 Mrs R Rowe RER B103
W2 Mr A Clark CRA B109
W3 Miss N Grealey GYN B110
W4 Mr W Denham DMW B111
W5 Mr A Burrows BSA B106
W6 Mr G Coles CSG B107
W7 Mr D Short SRD B105
W8 Mrs S Kenwright KTS B108
W9 Miss H Evans ESH B104
W10 Miss S Redpath RTS B112


Welcome to Walsingham College by Mr N Turner, College Leader

In our college we recognise how valuable a student’s time at Tudor Grange is, and we strive to create an environment where all students can get the most from their experience of school. We want all students to have a voice, try new things, take on challenges and to apply themselves fully in every aspect of school life. We know that their time at Tudor Grange can be transformational. All students should have an experience of this, to surprise themselves and open up a world of possibilities for the future. We believe that by working together and supporting one another, all students can have all of this, and this will remain a key priority for everyone in Walsingham College.

Students in Walsingham are cared for. Our committed and passionate tutor team make it their business to know each one of the tutor group well, and ensure they are provided with the encouragement and support they require each day. Tutor groups take on their own identity as tutors work with their tutor group to complete quizzes, discuss issues, explore our Tudor Values in depth, create assemblies and support each other in entering college competitions. Tutors ensure that every student has a say in the tutor group and where necessary buddy’s and mentors are used to support those that require extra peer support. Tutor groups are like families and the tutors keep in touch with each student on a daily basis.

The learning mentor oversees a wide range of students who may require an additional layer of care. This varies greatly in terms of time and depending on need, but we have a highly skilled learning mentor who is able to adapt to students specific need and help to remove barriers that may arise for individuals. The learning mentor also works closely with our college captains to run competitions and programmes to provide additional enrichment experiences.

The whole college is well supported by our diligent student admin, Wendy Jauncey, who is often first contact for parents and carers and does an expert job in overseeing our attendance and punctuality. College admin also provide an additional layer of support for tutors ensuring they have all they need to do their best by their tutor groups.

And then there is myself, Mr Turner, the College Leader for Walsingham. I have worked with the college for 5 years now and am very proud of the college we have grown into. I oversee the well being, progress and achievement of all students in the college. I feel it is my responsibility to know all the students in the college, their strengths and achievements as well as their key areas for development and challenges they face. I rely heavily on communication with parents, tutors and teachers to ensure I remain fully informed about every student’s progress. We have a wonderful body of students in the college that continually exceed expectations. My job is to ensure we continue to provide new challenges and help students to continue to raise their own aspirations, while providing the provision and support that will enable students to surprise themselves.

If you have any concerns, questions or issues you wish to communicate please be in touch. Close communication with parents is vital to us and will continue to play a key role in ensuring all students in the college are able to overcome challenges, make progress, achieve well and enjoy their time with us.