What about security?

All articles of clothing and all personal property must be marked clearly with the owner’s name.

A student is not allowed to borrow another student’s property (including PE or games kit) with or without the consent of the owner.

Money or valuables of any kind must not be left in coat pockets. During practical activities such as PE when blazers and other clothing may be changed, money and valuables must be left with the staff in charge of the activity.

If your child forgets to bring anything you may bring the articles, clearly labelled with name and tutor group, and leave them for collection in the College Support Office via student reception.

Lost Property

Losses of property must be reported without delay. Those who find lost property must hand it in to the college support office via student reception. If a student loses something, he/she should first look for it in the most obvious places. Lost PE kit will initially be held in the PE office before being passed to Lost Property. Students who have lost items of property may check Lost Property via student reception before and after school and during morning break.