Core Mathematics AS Level

Why study Core Mathematics?

Core mathematics is the perfect course for students looking to retain, deepen and extend their knowledge and skills from GCSE, but are not wishing to study A-level mathematics. At the end of the two year course, students will have completed a level 3 qualification which is equivalent to an AS level.

The course has been specifically developed to equip students with transferable, mathematical skills which will support in the workplace or in a wide range of subjects. There is a sharp focus on problem-solving and using and applying mathematics to solve problems relevant to students’ everyday lives. This includes financial applications of mathematics as well as further statistical ideas that can support work in other subjects such as psychology, business studies, geography, sociology, economics and biology. Consequently, core mathematics would be an ideal qualification to complement students’ three main A-levels. It would also be a fantastic addition for students studying more essay-based subjects as it shows a well-rounded student.

What will I be learning about?

The primary focus is on using and applying mathematics and statistics to address authentic problems and real-life scenarios, drawn from study, work and life, with a strong emphasis on problem-solving.

How will I be assessed?

The qualification is assessed at the end of Year 13, after two years of studying the course. Students will sit 2 equally weighted exam papers, each lasting 1 hour 30 minutes, which will make up their overall grade.

Where will this lead?

Universities have welcomed the core mathematicss qualification as students will be better equipped with the mathematical skills that are required for many degree courses. Studying core mathematics will help students improve their career choices. In fact, over 40 universities this year made a statement in support, and it was publically endorsed by the Russell Group of research-intensive universities.

Mathematics qualifications look impressive on any CV and this extra qualification will help to stand out to employers.

What are the entry requirements?

Eight grade 9-4 at GCSE level including a grade 5 in mathematics.