Dance A-Level

Why study dance?

Dance is good for both body and soul. It is an amazing workout, a great way of expressing yourself, an effective method for relieving stress and, most importantly, it is fun. As well as providing you with an opportunity to develop as a dancer and choreographer, a dance A-Level will allow you to study the theory of dance, developing your analytical, evaluative and communication skills.

Where will this lead?

The A-Level is excellent preparation for higher education courses in dance, which might lead to careers including dance teacher or lecturer, dance therapist, performer, choreographer or community dance officer. Dance students are dedicated, creative and so are excellent candidates for further study or work in any area. Whether or not you go on to study dance, completing the A-Level will leave you with a lifelong love of dance.

How will I be assessed?

In addition to examinations and written coursework, your ability to choreograph and perform dances will be practically assessed.

What will I be learning about?

In addition to developing your performance and choreography skills, you will gain knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of dance, and the ability to recognise and analyse dance works. You will learn how to train and monitor the development and health of dancers, and you will explore different styles of dance, such as contemporary and jazz.

What are the entry requirements?

Five grade 9-4 at GCSElevel including minimum level 5 in English.

If you are completing a dance qualification you must achieve a grade 5. If you are not, then you will need to have attended extra-curricular dance training and you will need to audition.