Drama and Theatre Studies A-Level

Why choose drama and theatre studies?

The diversity of drama means that students enjoy a course that not only develops stage craft and performance skills, but also includes the study of politics, history, literature, ethics, theatre and social and cultural issues. It is a subject that deepens our understanding of the wider world whilst the combination of theory and practical work allows students to experience their learning in a way that is unique.

Where will this lead?

A-Level drama and theatre studies is a reformed, UCAS accredited course which is accepted by universities as part of their offer. It is not only a useful qualification for students wishing to pursue a career in the arts, it is also advantageous for those interested in occupations that involve communication and people-related skills such as journalism, law, media, public relations, teaching, politics, TV and film production to name but a few.

How will I be assessed?

Year one

Practical performance

In the first year, students will complete a scripted performance. They will study a variety of theatre practitioners work and apply one of them to an extract of the play they have studied. This will be performed to a live audience

Written examination

The end of year examination requires students to:

respond to a piece of live performance that they have seen during the course and study and respond to a set play

Year two

Practical performance

In the second year students will devise and perform a piece of original theatre and keep a working note book of their progress. They will also perform two contrasting extracts from published scripts, one of which will be under exam conditions.

Written examination

The final examination requires students to study and respond to further set play and a live theatre performance

What will I be learning about?

This course allows students to develop a range of skills including: acting, devising, directing and technical design.Students will study the work of renowned theatre practitioners and use their methods to influence practical work. They will study and respond to the work of several playwrights and be given the opportunity to experience a wide range of professional theatre in preparation.

What are the entry requirements?

Eight grade 9-4 at GCSE level including minimum level 5 in English.