English Language A-Level

Why study English Language?

The course will develop a critical understanding of how language is used in everyday spoken interactions as well as an in depth study of a variety of texts. It will teach students to analyse language forms and structures, evaluate their ideas and present their viewpoints. They will also develop their writing skills to a professional and highly accurate standard.

The aim is to encourage students to develop an interest in questioning the language around them and gain an enjoyment from the many forms that English language takes. They will develop their linguistic knowledge by conducting personalised research projects and acquiring advanced analytical skills.

Where will this lead?

The extent of language types and forms, which you will encounter in this course, demonstrates how relevant your own language skills will be to a wide range of future pathways and higher education. The skills acquired can lead to a variety of careers such as law, journalism, speech therapy, public relations and marketing to name a few.

What will I be learning about?

Throughout the two year A-Level course, students will investigate the intricacies of the English language and develop an appreciation for how language is structured for genre, purpose and audience. They will also look at how English relates to society and how gender and occupation can affect language use. Students will look closely at the world around them and how language can differ geographically, as well as exploring the ever-changing nature of the language over time. They will even have the opportunity to investigate their own childhood and examine how they acquired both spoken and written language. The context and social functions of language are also analysed as well as theoretical approaches to the study of language.

How will I be assessed?

As the course progresses, students will be expected to produce their own informed, independent opinions and judgements. Lessons will involve class and small group discussion with the individual responsible for their own note taking. A mixture of self, peer and teacher assessment will take place during the year and the final assessment is through examinations taken in the summer. There is also a non-exam assessment that will require students to complete an independent language investigation and produce a piece of original writing.

What are the entry requirements?

Eight grade 9-4 at GCSE level A minimum of a level 6 must be achieved in English literature or language.