German A-Level

Why study German A-Level?

German A-Level equips you to speak fluently, allowing you to communicate effectively for either social or work purposes. At A-Level you will build on your knowledge from GCSE and gain a deeper understanding and will be able to write essays and debate current affairs in German.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment is through a speaking exam, a listening exam and a reading and writing exam. The exams are at the end of the course.

What will I be learning about?

As well as developing your understanding of grammar and the structure of the language, you will learn about a range of cultural topics, including German music, immigration, the effects of the former division of East and West, and German society and politics. You will also study a German film and novel in detail.

Where will this lead?

Being able to communicate in a second language is useful for a wide range of careers, as well as travel and work aboard. The knowledge and skills you develop on this course will help you to become a truly global citizen. Business, international work, law and the travel industry are some examples of pathways from a modern foreign language course, but it could also lead to a university course in foreign languages with a year aboard, followed by a career in languages.

What are the entry requirements?

Eight grade 9-4 at GCSE level including minimum level 5 in English, a 6 grade or above in German. An interest in German language and culture is also important.