Government and Politics A-Level

Why study Government and Politics A-Level?

Government and politics involves studying news and current affairs from the UK and the US. You should study the subject if you are interested in understanding how the UK is run as well as exploring lively, relevant and controversial issues. It is a qualification that is regarded by a range of different sectors such as politics, international organisations, the media, government and the civil service as being of high value.

What will I be learning about?

The government and politics course involves learning about two key political systems which are the UK and the US. For each system you will learn about such things as political participation, the electoral process, political parties, voting behaviour and pressure groups. This is so you can compare the two systems which is a requirement of the course. In addition to this you are required to study various political ideologies, and their core ideas and principles, as well as their supporters. These include Liberalism, Conservatism and Socialism.

Where will this lead?

From studying this A-level you can purse a range of careers including law, the media, banking, advertising, journalism, social work, teaching and many other professions. It is also considered highly by universities and is offer by many of them at degree level. Government and politics is an excellent subject to combine with other subjects such as economics, sociology, history and criminology to name but a few.

How will I be assessed?

This is an examined course and there is no controlled assessment (coursework element). At the end of year 13 you will sit three different exams. The details of which are below:

Paper Title Time Worth

Unit 1 – Government and Politics of the UK

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

Unit 2 – The Government and Politics of the USA and comparative Politics

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

Unit 3 – Political Ideas

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

What are the entry requirements?

Eight grade 9-4 at GCSE level including a level 5 or above in English Language or Literature GCSE.