Graphic Design A-Level

What will I study?

This course will give you the opportunity to develop your theoretical and practical knowledge of different graphic design skills and software programs. Techniques you will explore include typography, layout and design for print. You will also learn about different illustrative styles and you will utilise mixed media work in your designs. You will carry out contextual studies of contemporary designers and artists to inspire your own work.

Why study this course?

Art is not just in galleries: from the clothes we wear to the buildings we live in, art is everywhere. A graphics A-Level allows students to explore this side of art.In particular, you will explore the way art is used by the commercial sector, in areas such as advertising, packaging and illustration.This A-Level is therefore an excellent choice for somebody who is very creative and also very practical.It is the perfect choice for somebody who wants to work within design, advertising, or the media, as well as anybody who simply wants to learn more about the art that impacts our everyday lives.

How will I be assessed?

Component 1 – Personal Investigation: Internally set, assessed by the teacher and externally moderated: 60% of the qualification.

Component 2 – Externally set Assignment: Externally set, assessed by the teacher and externally moderated: 40% of the total qualification.

Where will this lead?

You can progress to an art foundation course or a full creative degree such as art, graphics, fashion promotion, advertising or illustration. You could start a career in a creative role within art studios, advertising agencies, design studios and media companies.

Entry requirements

Five grade 9-4 at GCSE level including an art or design based subject and minimum level 5 in English language.