Sociology A-Level

Why study sociology?

Sociology is the academic study of human society that involves exploring the social interactions and relationships between different groups of people. It can be seen as the scientific study of society. It is about all kinds of social relationships that people share with each other in their families, in their schools and in work. The methods developed by sociologists are used in many other academic areas such as in market research and management studies.

How will I be assessed?

This is an examined course and there is no controlled assessment (coursework element). At the end of year 13 you will sit three different exams. The details of which are below:

Paper Title Time Worth

Paper 1: Education with Theory and Methods

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

Paper 2: Family Beliefs in Society

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

Paper 3: Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

2 Hrs

33% of your final grade

What will I be learning about?

Topics studied by sociologists include all varieties of human experience. The A-level course covers topics such as families and households, education, beliefs in society and crime and deviance.

Social theory is important in sociology. It teaches that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to studying the way that people live together. It helps you to develop the key skills and ability to evaluate evidence and choose between possible explanations.

Students learn some of the methods used by sociologists and apply their knowledge to the study of a topic of their own choice to produce an individual piece of research for examination.

Where will this lead?

Sociology is a good choice for a range of students because most professional careers, including medicine, nursing, social services and the justice system require students to have some knowledge of sociology and social theory.

What are the entry requirements?

It is recommended that you have a grade 5 or above in English Language and Literature. It is not essential to have a GCSE in sociology to study the subject at A-level. The most important qualification is a sense of commitment and a willingness to work hard at a subject which can sometimes be difficult to grasp at first. It should also be remembered that sociology is an academic subject and involves you writing essays.