DOWNLOAD: Sixth Form Enrichment Programme

As well as achieving outstanding grades, young people must acquire a range of skills and experiences in order to succeed in later life. It is for this reason; all sixth form students will participate in our enrichment programme, which is designed to prepare students for higher education and the world of work. It is also an essential part of being successful at the academy as the programme supports the completion of references for UCAS, apprenticeship applications and employment after sixth form.

Likewise, the programme exposes students to opportunities that will allow them to develop important competencies that employers and higher institutions are looking for. The competencies promoted by the programme are:

  • Organisation skills
  • Communication skills Problem solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Resilience
  • Time management
  • Work ethic
  • Self-motivation
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility
  • Work-life balance

Our enrichment programme at TGAW

Our enrichment programme is divided into six key areas of opportunity:

  • Active citizenship – All these opportunities involve students giving something back to school or the local community.
  • World outside of Worcester – These opportunities involve students having experiences outside of Worcester such as DofE, residential visits or international projects.
  • Life beyond sixth form – The focus of this area is on preparing students for higher education, apprenticeship application and employment. There are five bespoke pathways in this area to support students who wish to pursue a career in law, STEM, business, teaching or medical routes.
  • World- related learning – This area is focused on students gaining real world experiences such as work experience and the completion of programmes such as Young Enterprise.
  • Work-life balance – These opportunities are to support students to not always focus on the academic side of sixth form by taking part in sports, performing arts and recreational activities such as sixth form socials.
  • Subject based experiences – All these opportunities allow students to deepen their knowledge of their academic studies as well as providing them with an option to study a topic independently through the completion of the Extended Project which is worth half an A-level.

Students will choice a range of opportunities from these different areas whilst in the sixth form that can be completed over a two-year period as well as completing the compulsory aspects of the programme.

We are delighted with the opportunities our students are currently completing, and their fantastic contributions to the community, including:

  • Young Enterprise
  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Running a Sixth Form Council, whose members work together with staff to enhance the Sixth Form and its facilities.
  • Peer mentoring
  • CCF
  • Supporting charities
  • Hosting events for residents of local care homes
  • Acting as coaches for younger students
  • Supporting lessons in local primary schools
  • Acting as associate teachers within Tudor Grange Academy
  • A paired reading programme, developing the literacy of younger students
  • Completing an extended project qualification, equivalent to half an A-Level
  • NCS

We trust our students to make decisions about the best use of their enrichment time, and so we are more than happy to support students in developing new enrichment opportunities, and pursuing their own areas of interest.