Student Handbook

Dress and Appearance

It is important that sixth form students keep to high standards of professional appearance.  Students must wear a suit as specified in the dress code and jewellery, make up, hair styles, footwear and other clothing must meet the standards expected of members of staff.


Good attendance is essential for academic success. Students are expected to achieve at least 95% attendance over the year. Attendance at all timetabled lessons is compulsory.  Students who miss lessons without authorisation can expect to have to make up for the time lost by attending compulsory extra study periods.

Leave of Absence and Authorisation of Absence

It is important that “known in advance” absences are covered by a Leave of Absence.  If a student needs to apply for a Leave of Absence he/she should bring in a letter, signed by their parent/guardian, giving it in the first instance to their form tutor.   This includes absences for university open days, which must be authorised in advance.  Students are asked not to attend more than 3 open days, during the time when they would normally be taught, in any one academic year.  If a student is away due to illness, a parental note confirming this is still required and needs to be given to their form tutor.

Punctuality and Hours of Attendance

Punctuality remains an important priority.  Students must register in the 6th Form. Attendance at the Academy is compulsory, every day, between 8.30 am and 12.15 pm. If students do not have a commitment after this time they are free to go.  Students who are persistently late at the start of the Academy day can expect to have the privilege of early leaving at 12.15 pm withdrawn.

Independent Study

One of the big challenges for post 16 students is that they can only achieve success with a much greater amount of independent study than is required at GCSE.

Every year 12 student must identify on their timetable, a one hour slot each week for each subject they study when they will be committed to doing independent study at the Academy. This is in addition to homework.  In year 13 each student should identify 2 hours for each subject every week which they will use for independent study.

Sixth Form Facilities

Students have exclusive use of the Sixth Form Café and the Sixth Form LRC. They may also use any free areas in the academy for private study, including computer rooms.  Sixth formers are able to use the sports facilities and gym equipment but must ensure that a member of the PE department know that they are doing so.

Sixth Form Privileges

Sixth form students are an integral but distinctive part of the Academy.  To recognise this, students have a number of privileges which other years do not. In addition to not having to wear the year 7 to 11 uniform and having the opportunity to leave at 12.15, other Academy rules are more relaxed for them.  Students may have ipods and mobile phones in their possession but their use must be confined to within sixth form areas. They must not be used around the Academy. Students have their own Café, which is open from 8.30 am until 2.00 pm and they may also use the View Restaurant during their free time.

Sixth Form Cabinet

Student cabinet in Sixth Form is a highly valued, effective and enjoyable aspect of the student experience. It is made up of a representative body of students voted by their peers. They oversee all issues regarding Sixth Former’s welfare, from organising social events to acting as the go between for teachers and students on matters such as diversity and education. Elections for new Year 12 representatives take place in November. Positions run for 1 year.

Academy Policies

Being a sixth former at the Academy entails accepting Academy policies. This includes a complete ban on smoking on and around the Academy site and the expectation that students will work hard, complete all work that is set and meet Academy standards in terms of dress, attendance and punctuality.  Sixth form students are role models within the Academy and their behaviour is to reflect this.

The Academy has disciplinary and support policies in place for sixth form students. Students who fail to meet our expectations may have certain privileges withdrawn, such as that of leaving before 3.00 pm. Students may also be required to engage in extra, supervised study or to attend extra classes arranged by staff. These may be after 3.00 pm.

More serious, or repeated breaches of expectations will be dealt with by the Academy’s formal post 16 disciplinary procedure.

A copy of the Disciplinary Policy is available on the Academy’s S drive (Student Resources).

Student Cars

The Academy has limited parking and as a result students are not able to park on the Academy site.  They are welcome to drive to and from the Academy and we ask that they respect our neighbours when they are parking.  Any instances of dangerous driving will be dealt with using the Academy’s formal post 16 disciplinary procedure.