Year 11

– CIAG Programme (Hitting Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8)


All Year 11 students receive a 1:1 interview on their future destination where we offer independent advice and guidance on the transition from school to higher education, apprenticeship or employment. We ensure all of our students have confirmed destinations when they leave Tudor Grange and put in place a 1:1 support system for those students who need additional guidance as soon as they enter Year 11. Additional work placements are provided for students along with bespoke college taster sessions and site visits to ease the transition.

Case Study:

Paige Yr 11 – “I knew I wanted to work with children and Mrs McStay and I spent time exploring my options. We discussed the type of places I wanted to work in whether it be a school or nursery setting and we found a college course that would suit me. I was shown and guided through the college website and the application was quick and easy. Heart of Worcester came in and spoke to a group of Year 11 students on their courses and they mentioned my course in more detail which has given me a greater understanding on what I will be facing next year. I will also be going on the tour where I will see my classrooms and meet the lecturers, this will definitely help me when I start next year as I will already be familiar with the surroundings.”

Year 11 Programme for Destinations

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Summer term sees students partaking in Geek Week, where teachers explore work related applications for their subjects that is not related to the curriculum for example:

  • English – Journalism
  • Drama – Sales/Events
  • PE – Sports therapy/massage
  • Maths – Accounting
  • Business Studies – Practical Issues of running a business

Teachers share their knowledge, outsource guest speakers or organise trips to back up their topic which allows students the opportunity to gain further encounters with employers and career choices.