Year 7

– CIAG Programme (Hitting Benchmarks 2, 4, 5, 6)



All students in Year 7 are invited to visit Kidzania in London. Kidzania is an indoor city, run by kids. Designed to blend learning and reality with entertainment children can test their skills in a variety of professions. Activities range from doctor, dentist, and police officer to firefighter, actor and dancer. No matter what your children are into, there is something there to suit all personalities! It encourages children to independently explore a range of real-life activities, whilst also inspiring the development of important skills such as, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, problem solving and teamwork.

Useful Links

Summer term sees students partaking in Geek Week, where teachers explore work related applications for their subjects that is not related to the curriculum for example:

  • English – Journalism
  • Drama – Sales/Events
  • PE – Sports therapy/massage
  • Maths – Accounting
  • Business Studies – Practical Issues of running a business

Teachers share their knowledge, outsource guest speakers or organise trips to back up their topic which allows students the opportunity to gain further encounters with employers and career choices.