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RT @ArtsTgaw: One to watch: Grayson Perry, Turner Prize winner, will be starting lockdown art classes on Channel 4 from 16th April @TGAWPri

RT @ArtsTgaw: Googly eye faces still coming in!! @TGAWPrincipal

RT @ArtsTgaw: Looking forward to seeing your googly eye creations this week: Create faces where they didn’t exist before!! @TGAWPrincipal h…

RT @TGAWDANCE: 🎁 🍰 🎂 🎉🎈#ofcourseiremembered @TGAWPrincipal

RT @TGAWPE: Keep it up... great effort from the Tipper household @TGAWPrincipal #PEWithJoe

RT @TGAW_Music: Music challenge for Year 7 and 8s is live on @Showmyhomework! Can't wait to see the results and find out who our winners wi…

RT @TGAWDANCE: Amazing effort for our first ever dance challenge, physical skill: BALANCE. There are some amazing balances here, but the wi…

RT @TGAW_Music: Continue to be so impressed with the hard work, drive and commitment of our students - look at this fantastic piece of work…

RT @TGAWPE: @thebodycoach @TGAWPrincipal who else has been doing #PEwithJoe this morning... Had a training partner today! Spot the #rainbo

Trusts are taking their place alongside other civic structures to organise a local response. The civic leadership w… https://t.co/rOJCqbDPZt

RT @TGAWPE: P2 - Badminton 🏸 objectives was grip and stance. Objective next week lesson will be grip and stance 🤦🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/M0Hdm99F…

RT @TGSAPrincipal: Was interrupted by loud cheering from a class. I discovered my wonderful Year 11s presenting the phenomenal Mrs Morton w…

RT @tgaw_drama: These girls have blown us away with their focus and dedication to performance over the past 2 years. Both will be going on…

RT @chris71walters: @TGAWPrincipal "Good times never felt so good......" Good luck to all the 2020 year 11 students that are missing out o…

RT @TGAWPE: Last day at school and the last day of WGC week and what a way to end....adventure golf at Raven meadow @JungleGolfWorcs @Raven

RT @TGAW_Music: Some of our wonderful, hardworking and talented Year 11s, after their last lesson working on composition today. We are so…

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Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Worcester. We are a mixed, 11-18 comprehensive school with a 1130 capacity, including a sixth form of 200. Within a positive and caring learning environment, TGAW provides a safe and happy setting which allows every child to fulfil their potential and make a valuable contribution to the academy and wider community.

The TUDOR values of Tolerance, Unity, Democracy, Opportunity and Respect run through all aspects of academy life and are a formative tool for the development of character.

The “norm” for students in this school is a love of learning, working hard and respecting others. Our focus on developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ encourages students to see mistakes as a learning opportunity.

We aim to develop teachers for whom clarity, passion and belief are at the core of everything they do and teachers who are disciplined and can work effectively with each other and with other staff from a range of educational domains.

We strive to provide a world class education which develops the full potential of each and every student, no matter what their starting point. The academy seeks to promote intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, aesthetic and physical development through:

  • A desire to learn and the pursuit of excellence
  • The knowledge, understanding and skills needed for the adult world
  • A positive attitude to life
  • The qualities of versatility and adaptability
  • A sense of responsibility and self-discipline
  • Self-esteem with respect and concern for others

Whilst exam results (click here) are important, the Academy offers a curriculum that develops the whole child. Our exciting SAS curriculum, DofE, Young Enterprise, CCF, STEM club and other period 6 opportunities in the Arts and Sport widen interests and horizons, opening doors to whole new worlds.

Our sophisticated, innovative environment and IT provision are second to none. Our focus on high standards of behaviour and achievement enables us to develop our caring provision so we can continue to improve and grow. We are well supported by the leadership of the Tudor Grange Academies Trust, our parents, carers and Governors.

As a school we are committed to the welfare and well-being of all staff. It is their relentless hard work which ensures that this is a happy school.

Here’s to a great Academic year ahead!

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Mr D Butler

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We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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