Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Worcester

Fantastic TGAW ~ thrilled we now have a hockey team! https://t.co/Pvm9kThEIX

RT @TGAWDANCE: Proudest teacher in the world... right here!The mighty Year 11 girls still playing a strong game after 5 years together!@TGA…

Well done Year 7, a great effort. https://t.co/RvwAxYuCs6

Anti-bullying campaign assemblies start tomorrow at TGAW @WMerciaPolice #isittrueisitneccessaryisitkind #bekind #tudorvalues

RT @TGAW_Science: Between which points is the moving vehicle stationary? Can you interpret distance-time graphs? #revision #physics https:/…

RT @TGAW_Science: Is this energy level diagram showing an exothermic or endothermic reaction? And how can we tell? #revision #chemistry htt…

RT @tgaw_drama: Year 13 experimenting with Frantic Assembly chair duets on relationships #devising #franticassembly @franticassembly @TGAWP

RT @TGAW_English: Sign the Petition: Get 130 Million Girls Into School https://t.co/lRhcz15Tvd

RT @ParentsVoiceWor: Tips to keep your #child (all ages) safe online - with @SuptKevPurcell, FREE places https://t.co/BKi1DxXxPO or DM us…

RT @SuptKevPurcell: How good is @TGAWorcs just visited met @TGAWPrincipal to discuss the great work they do & to look at how we can help wi…

RT @TGAWDANCE: Great first dance lesson for our youth dance company Revolutions! All at school for 8am, brilliant commitment! @TGAWPrincip

RT @Bryony_Danks: As part of the #mymindandme I had the incredible @EllaEyre help tell my mental health story on #MentalHealthAwarenessDay

RT @TGAWDANCE: First dance company technical class of the year; tomorrow morning at 8am for Revolutions! @TGAWPrincipal

RT @TGAWPE: Ski trip February 2019! Please get a letter from PE or reception. Deposits due soon, 10 places gone already!

RT @TGAW_Music: hugely rewarding piano workshops this morning @TGAWPrincipal via https://t.co/XfrVPuJdGZ

A super afternoon at the BHF charity TGAW 5km run. So many Year 7s joined in. Jack and Ruby smashed the course record #healthyhearts @TheBFH

RT @TGAWDANCE: Students, parents and teachers... we have a student in the brand new series of 'Taking The Next Step' starts Monday! #excite

RT @TGAW_Science: Learn all about space at The Hive’s Space Day this Saturday. It’s free! https://t.co/2hNNV6kPty @TheHiveWorcs

RT @TGAWPE: Huge congratulations to the Year 7 Netball team on winning their first match of the season. #commitment #dedication = #win @TGA

RT @TGAWPE: Year 11’s are of to a great start winning their first match of the season 22-9 #dedication #determination #commitment = #win @T

RT @TGAWDANCE: @TGAWPE @TGAWPrincipal What a fantastic start year 7! High hopes for this group of 8! Keep up the hard work! #winning #teamt





Welcome to Tudor Grange Academy Worcester. We are a mixed, 11-18 comprehensive school with a 1130 capacity, including a sixth form of 200. Within a positive and caring learning environment, TGAW provides a safe and happy setting which allows every child to fulfil their potential and make a valuable contribution to the academy and wider community.

The TUDOR values of Tolerance, Unity, Democracy, Opportunity and Respect run through all aspects of academy life and are a formative tool for the development of character.

The “norm” for students in this school is a love of learning, working hard and respecting others. Our focus on developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ encourages students to see mistakes as a learning opportunity.

We aim to develop teachers for whom clarity, passion and belief are at the core of everything they do. Teachers who are disciplined and can work effectively with each other and with other staff from a range of educational domains.

We strive to provide a world class education which develops the full potential of each and every student, no matter what their starting point. The academy seeks to promote intellectual, emotional, moral, spiritual, aesthetic and physical development through:

• A desire to learn and the pursuit of excellence
• The knowledge, understanding and skills needed for the adult world
• A positive attitude to life
• The qualities of versatility and adaptability
• A sense of responsibility and self-discipline
• Self-esteem with respect and concern for others

Whilst exam results (click here) are important, the Academy offers a curriculum that develops the whole child. Our exciting SAS curriculum, DofE, Young Enterprise, CCF, STEM club and other period 6 opportunities in the Arts and Sport widen interests and horizons, opening doors to whole new worlds.

Our sophisticated, innovative environment and IT provision are second to none. Our focus on high standards of behaviour and achievement enables us to develop our caring provision so we can continue to improve and grow. We are well supported by the leadership of the Tudor Grange Academies Trust, our parents, carers and Governors.

As a School we are committed to the welfare and well-being of all staff. It is their relentless hard work which ensures that this is a happy school.

Here’s to a great Academic year ahead!

Mrs S Roach

TG Rewards

We pride ourselves on our college system that allows all of our pupils to feel part of a smaller community within the Academy.

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