The Governors of the Academy are responsible for the staffing, finance, premises, curriculum and future planning of the school. The Governors work very closely with the senior leadership team in making decisions about the school.

Contact details for Chair & Vice Chair


Miss R Widdowson,
Clerk to Governors Mrs V Iles
c/o Tudor Grange Academy Worcester,
Bilford Road, Worcester WR3 8HN

Vice Chair

Mrs C Clements
Clerk to Governors Mrs V Iles
c/o Tudor Grange Academy Worcester,
Bilford Road, Worcester WR3 8HN


Full Name role date appointed relevant business and pecuniary interests trusteeships and governorships at other educational institutions/charities personal relationships with trust employees or other members/trustees/ local governors date interest declared Meetings held year 19/20 Meetings attended year 19/20
Rebecca Widdowson Community Governor 01/01/20 None Trustee of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Sports Partnership

Trustee Rowlands Trust

None 01/01/20 4 4
Cherie Clements Community Governor 12/12/18 None Trustee Bromsgrove Arts Trust (1097575) None 12/12/18 4 3
David Butler Ex Officio 01/08/19 None None None 01/08/19 4 4
Ben Lewing Community Governor 08/06/18 None None None 08/06/18 4 2
Clancy Radley Community Governor 01/05/19 None None 01/05/19 4 3
Jim O’Toole Community Governor 24/02/20 None Trustee Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire None 24/02/20 4 1
Keith Slater Community Governor 12/12/19 None None None 12/12/19 4 0
Eleanor Mate (Professor Eleanor Bradley) Parent Governor 13/01/20 None None None 13/01/20 4 2
Karen Reynolds Parent Governor 13/01/20 None None None 13/01/20 4 2
Joanne Chadderton Staff Governor 24/02/20 None None None 24/02/20 4 1

Governor Profiles

Mrs Widdowson

Rebecca Widdowson


I am a Solicitor and Managing Partner of a law firm in Worcester City centre. I have a background of regulatory compliance and practice management and I bring considerable experience in managing professionals. Outside of work I am a very keen cyclist and fund raiser. I would like to see greater engagement between schools and businesses to give students the best opportunity of employment when they leave education. I hope I bring a useful skill set to assist the senior management of the school develop the academy and its students to their full potential.

Mrs Widdowson

Cherie Clements


My background has always been Finance, after leaving school I completed the 1990’s version of an apprenticeship within Finance, I enjoyed it so much I progressed on to a formal accountancy qualification and became a Chartered Management Accountant. After working within the manufacturing and charitable sector my current role is Director of Finance at a local Further Education College where I am a member of the Senior Leadership Team, having over 12 years experience of the education sector I have seen the numerous challenges Schools and Colleges face whilst continuing to make positive longstanding impacts upon students futures.Education had a positive impact upon my career and direction in life, I am eager to support and share the skills I have gained to benefit the school and the young people they support.


Clancy Radley

Clancy Radley

I stem from a youth and community background and have vast experience of working with a broad range of young people, families and the wider community.

I mentored students at Tudor Grange for roughly 7 years, mentoring students at risk of exclusion,before being asked to join the LGB.

I currently run a youth group in Hereford for young people with learning disabilities and also work at Worcester learning zone where I am a tutor and student coordinator. My key areas of focus are SEN and Mental ill health including supporting highly anxious students to access education.

I am passionate about ensuring that students and young people have the best opportunity to thrive, and have the resources and support to make the most of what life throws at them, particularly in such challenging times.
I am hopeful that my skills are beneficial to the LGB, and the wider school and contribute to the students having a positive experience at TGA Worcester.

Jim O’Toole

Jim O’Toole

Jim O’Toole has 25 years’ experience in the management of international sport and sponsorship programmes. He has been CEO of two world championship series, in powerboat racing and professional sailing and has worked at two Premiership Rugby clubs, London Irish and Worcester Warriors where he was Chief Executive when Warriors were last promoted to the Premiership. He runs his own sports marketing business based in Worcester and his most recent project was running a European Equestrian Series, the Event Rider Masters. He is a trustee of Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire


Eleanor Mate

Eleanor Mate (Professor Eleanor Bradley)

Eleanor is a Health Psychologist by background and currently works at the University of Worcester as a Director of Research. She has worked closely with the NHS for many years, conducting research to understand how individuals experience mental and physical ill-health. At the University, she works closely with the Research School to support the progress of postgraduate research students. She is particularly interested in the resilience and wellbeing of students as they progress through different levels of their studies and is keen to bring this experience to Tudor Grange Academy. Eleanor has two children currently studying at Tudor Grange Academy and, alongside Sadie, the family Jack Russell, they keep her and her husband busy in their free time.

Karen Reynolds

Karen Reynolds

I have lived in Worcester for the last 17 years, with my husband and two children. My daughter attends Tudor and my son is hoping to start here in September 2020.

I have worked in education for the last 10 years at a large local primary school. For the past 4 years I have been the lead Thrive Practitioner, which is a role that supports all children with their social and emotional development and studies how the brain grows and develops, during childhood. Two years ago I qualified as a Thrive trainer and train other teachers and people in primary education. Previously, I worked in Banking and specialised in the learning and development of training staff. The emotional well being of children is a passion of mine and one that I feel I can bring my experience to, as a parent governor.

In my spare time I enjoy going to the cinema and I am a keen rugby union fan and support Worcester Warriors.


Joanne Chadderton


Governors who have left over the past 12 months

Full Name role date appointed Date resigned
Christina Dodd Staff Governor 01/09/2009 24/02/2020
Huw Foxall Community Governor 10/07/2012 24/02/2020
Peter Rock Community Governor 01/07/2019 31/12/2019
Rebecca Fall-Taylor Parent Governor 01/06/2016 31/12/2019
Robert Rich Community Governor 25/02/2019 14/01/2020
Joseph Bennall Community Governor 01/04/2019 15/10/2020
Keith Slater Community Governor 12/12/2019 28/03/2021
Ben Lewing Community Governor 08/06/2018 10/05/2021