DOWNLOAD: Determined Admission Arrangements September 2023

DOWNLOAD: Determined Admission Arrangements September 2022

DOWNLOAD: Determined Admission Arrangements September 2021 Schools Admission Code 2021

Admissions for Year 7 September 2022

Determined Admission Arrangements September 2022

The admission number for Year 7 for the Academy is 210.

The first step is in applying for a place is for parents/carers to complete the common application form for the Local Authority where they live.  Worcestershire County Council’s form is available at via Schools Admissions.  Applicants apply on line and there is also more information available there about the admissions 2022 timetable, booklets and guides and fact sheets.  The closing date for application forms is 31 October 2021 in line with Local Authority co-ordinated admission scheme deadlines.  The school offer notification date from the Local Authority is 1st March 2022.  If you already have a sibling in the school please make sure you identify this with the Local Authority.

Catchment Area

Appeals 2022

Year 7 intake is currently over PAN (Pupil Admissions Number) because of a particularly large intake year across Worcester high schools.  The Local Authority identified a need for additional places in the area and approached all schools to ask them to admit above PAN to aid with this situation.  In order to support the Local Authority in meeting its statutory duty to provide sufficient school places, all of the Worcester high schools agreed to admit additional children to support this duty. The school therefore agreed to admit 5 additional children taking our PAN to 215.   If you still wish to appeal please complete the Admission-appeal-form-2022


1st March 2022 National offer day 20 days to lodge appeal
29th March 2022 Last date for appeals to be lodged with the Academy
16th to 20th May 2022 Latest date for appellants to receive notification of appeal date/paperwork submitted
8th and 9th June 2022 Appeals heard

Fair Banding Test

In addition to this, Tudor Grange Academy Worcester also requires potential applicants to complete a Fair Banding form.

As part of our admissions criteria and to be considered for admission to the Academy, all applicants must have sat a Fair Banding test. This also applies to the siblings already attending the school.  The closing date for receipt of the Fair Banding form by the Academy was 31 October.  We will make contact with you when dates for testing have been confirmed.

The test is a multiple choice style test based on non‐verbal reasoning. The test takes about an hour which includes 30 minutes of testing, plus explanations. The test is a not a pass or fail test. Scores are used to place students in bands and are not used beyond the banding process or for setting upon entry to the Academy.  Looked After Children and those with a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an EHCP do not need to sit the test to be allocated a place at Tudor Grange Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fair Banding

Fairbanding testing comprises of a Non-Verbal Reasoning online test (NVR).
The test is aimed at students aged 10 and 11 years.
Non-verbal reasoning tests the ability to recognise similarities, analogies and patterns in unfamiliar designs. These reasoning processes are widely accepted as being fundamental to students’ ability to understand and assimilate new information and ideas. They enable students to make sense of new information and relate it to what they already know.

There are no reading requirements and no pictorial material used, questions are based on designs which are equally accessible to all students. Students have the full use of headphones and work at their own pace.



Fairbanding 2

The test is taken in a computer room in a user friendly environment and there will be a number of experienced staff present. The test is introduced to the students who are told that the test is ‘to find out how you tend to learn, what you do when you are faced with new ideas or concepts’.  All students are issued with a set of headphones and they will hear instructions through these as they work through the test at their own pace.
There are six practise questions at the beginning which are untimed and the main test lasts for 25 minutes.  Answers are multiple-choice.
Test results are not communicated to parents or students. They are used to place the child in a band for the purpose of determining places if the school is oversubscribed.  Once the student is placed in a band, the tests scores are discarded and rank ordering is determined by the criteria as outlined in our admissions policy.
Please contact Mrs V A Iles ( to apply for a place.


Applications for an in-year admission should be made via