Sixth Form Cabinet

The Sixth Form Cabinet comprises of between three to eight students who apply to be on the cabinet when they are in year 12. The aim of the cabinet is to create a link between school leadership and the student community. Every cabinet consists of at least three roles:

  • Head Girl and Boy whose main role is represent the academy as a positive role model. In this role students deliver public speeches, represent the student body and act as an ambassador for the academy.
  • Wellbeing and Diversity Officer whose main role is to promote diversity, mental health and wellbeing in the academy. Last year the student in this role lead on Mental Health Week across the academy and organised a college competition linked to this.

Other roles include: Head of Cabinet, Student Voice Officer, Beyond the Classroom Officer, Sixth Form Development Officer and Public Relations Officer.

Each year the Sixth Form Cabinet endeavour to support charities through fund raising activities. Last year they donated hampers to Worcester Hospice and raised money for Mind UK by hosting a games day. In addition to their charity work, the cabinet organise a sixth form community project that they complete at the end of year 12. Last year the project was to reinvent their roof terrace space which saw students working together to build furniture, plant flower beds and create their own Jenga set in partnership with Worcester Timber Products. The inspiration for this project was from the campaign they had run for Mental Health Week where they set the rest of the academy the challenge of growing their own plants to support their mental health.