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Sociology is the academic study of human society. Students will explore the social interactions and relationships between different groups of people and different institutions. They will learn about the Family, Education, Crime and Deviance, and Social Inequality; all of which are topics which would be familiar to them.

Many students find the subject interesting as it is relevant to their lives and are able to share their own experiences in topics such as Family and Education.

At the heart of Sociology, students will explore new opinions, experiences, and cultures which will develop a sense of belonging to something larger than themselves.


Sociology aims to develop wisdom, so that students are open-minded and curious about not only their own society but also the wider world. As a subject, Sociology will expose students to a wealth of perspectives and viewpoints that will be different to their own. Being respectful and tolerant of these is key to studying Sociology because by doing so we can explore how society might innovate and cultivate social change.


Curiosity – Pupils will explore new cultures and societies that will differ to British contemporary society. Students will also discover new and historical components and institutions of British Society.

Commitment – The strengthening of pupils’ confidence, tolerance and understanding of each other are vital to our subject. We want our students to explore a variety of perspectives and cultures to develop a forward thinking society.

Courage – Students will develop a confidence in sharing their own answers and personal experiences with their teachers and peers. They will develop the confidence to offer feedback and support to their peers as part of a respectful and reciprocal process.Sociology

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