Media Studies Curriculum Intent


Why do people consume the media? How is the media created? How does the media reflect time? Who controls the media?
In a global industry that is predicted to be worth over $2 trillion, students will get an insight into how and why media texts are created and what messages they communicate. They will explore texts from a variety of mediums (film, news, radio, videogames, magazines, TV crime drama, music videos, advertising and marketing), and study a range of different products for each area, both current and historical. Fundamentally, students will be equipped with the skills to analyse media texts and critically evaluate their purpose in communicating messages to an audience.


The media plays a central role in contemporary society and culture and we want our students to be active media consumers. Throughout the course we look at contemporary issues and debates through different mediums of ‘media’. We study existing theoretical approaches and examine the way that society and the media are intrinsically linked. The curriculum offers the opportunity for students to identify the way that current affairs are presented and manipulated by the media and the representations created. Discussion and debate are pivotal to lessons and help students to develop life skills in communicating ideas, teamwork and working to a brief, through the coursework element.


Curiosity – We want students who study media to be conscientious about the media world around them and develop an interest in learning about the current affairs that surrounds us. The media texts studied help to shape their perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer whilst having real relevance and importance in students’ lives.
Commitment – Developing students’ creativity is vital to our subject and we want our pupils to use their knowledge of the media texts studied in creating their own products using professional software.
Courage – Students will share ideas and opinions about the texts they study with their peers and develop the courage and empathy to discover and explore new and relevant media texts.

GCSE Media Studies Specification
GCE A Level Media Studies: Specification
BTEC L3 Extended Certificate Creative Digital Media Production Specification

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Curriclum Map. Click for more details

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