STEPS is a new curriculum that we have introduced in the last five years. It is all about preparing students to be healthy and happy, whilst also being informed and active citizens. We focus on the Five Learning Principles of STEPS, with each topic linked to at least one:

Sociology To understand the development, the structure, and the function of the world I live in
Theology To understand my beliefs and the beliefs of others and systems that have been developed from them
Ethics To be able to decide what is right and wrong based on my personal moral principles.
Politics To understand the governance of the world around me and my role within it.
Social Studies To develop knowledge, skills, and attributes to live a happy and healthy life.

STEPS is compulsory to all students, years 7-10. If students find that they particularly enjoy specific subjects within STEPS they can choose to study them further in GCSE and A level options.


STEPS is all about understanding the world and our role within it. We aim to study the world through multiple perspectives; we look at the value of life through religious and philosophical lenses; we study how the country is governed through political lenses; we investigate equality through ethical lenses. STEPS is also concerned with ensuring students have the skills and knowledge to live healthy lives.


Curiosity – Lessons are regularly based around big questions and students are consistently given opportunities to think deeply about their own views and the opinions of others. Students are encouraged to take part in debates. Students develop critical thinking skills through studying theology, philosophy, ethics and politics.

Commitment – Students are taught empathy, tolerance and respect through studying different religious and political ways of thinking. Students complete various independent projects which require students to take ownership of their own work.

Courage – Students are given public speaking assignments where they must present to the class.

Curriculum Map

Curriclum Map. Click for more details

Curriclum Map. Click for more details

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