Year 10

– CIAG Programme (Hitting Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Year 10 students partake in Destinations Day during the summer term. Every year 10 student produces a CV within an English timetabled lesson and is interviewed by an external business employee who are familiar with the interview process and guide our students through the format by asking them interview questions, preparing them for the world of employment. The day also plays host to Tudor Grange Academy Careers Fair with over 50 exhibitors. Students have the opportunity to speak to professionals on a range of careers, further and higher establishments and apprenticeships giving them the opportunity to seek independent advice and guidance from industry specialists. The day also gives the students the chance to take part in specialised masterclasses ran by qualified specialists such as midwives, RAF personnel and engineering managers.

Year 10 students have the opportunity to visit local Further Education colleges and attend Taster Days to prepare them for their Year 11 destination. Students are invited to attend the Skills Show which provides young people the ability to interact with Worcestershire’s largest employers from a variety of industries including: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math’s, Hospitality, Advertising, Marketing and Public Services. The show allows young people to gain an understanding of the career pathways available to them and find out about the skills and qualifications that employers are really looking for.

Joel - “I was not looking forward to the interview sessions and talking about myself but the interviewee made me feel at ease and I actually enjoyed the experience. The careers fair was really useful and I got to speak to different business sectors and college providers which helped me with my future destination”

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Summer term sees students partaking in Geek Week, where teachers explore work related applications for their subjects that is not related to the curriculum for example:

  • English – Journalism
  • Drama – Sales/Events
  • PE – Sports therapy/massage
  • Maths – Accounting
  • Business Studies – Practical Issues of running a business

Teachers share their knowledge, outsource guest speakers or organise trips to back up their topic which allows students the opportunity to gain further encounters with employers and career choices.