Year 8

 – CIAG Programme (Hitting Benchmarks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8)


The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge –

The Ryman National Enterprise Challenge is part of The Inspirational Learning Group, whose aim is to provide innovative and enterprising off-timetable events for schools, engaging, inspiring and motivating students to be the best they can be. Students come face to face with real-life business challenges and also touch base on other areas including careers, employability and teambuilding. We use this process to link in with Year 8 option choices and to enhance pupil’s employability skills. All students meet with their College Leader to discuss GCSE option choices and are given advice and guidance on subject choices. We believe if students have started to form ideas about possible careers by the time they make their subject choice, they will be able to make an informed choice that keeps their options open.

Useful Links

Summer term sees students partaking in Geek Week, where teachers explore work related applications for their subjects that is not related to the curriculum for example:

  • English – Journalism
  • Drama – Sales/Events
  • PE – Sports therapy/massage
  • Maths – Accounting
  • Business Studies – Practical Issues of running a business

Teachers share their knowledge, outsource guest speakers or organise trips to back up their topic which allows students the opportunity to gain further encounters with employers and career choices.