Year 9

– CIAG Programme (Hitting Benchmarks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


During Year 9 students get the opportunity to visit a university and focus on increasing their awareness of what higher education has to offer, helping those intending to go to university to understand the requirements at GCSE level and advising them on choices regarding their Post-16 education. Talks involve the benefits of going to university and choosing A Level subjects and equivalent qualifications. Students are involved in SAS (Skills Action Service) from Year 7 – 9. Students partake in a variety of courses which are designed to ensure they develop a range of skills, using them to serve a local, national or even international community. This part of our curriculum achieves a wide variety of objectives: students develop essential skills and attributes such as project management skills, self-confidence and enterprise. Their exposure to a variety of opportunities will contribute to their own personal development. Students will be provided with many of the key enterprise skills needed in today’s society. These include skills such as leadership, teamwork, planning and design, working to deadlines, risk taking, ICT and communication skills.

Useful Links

Summer term sees students partaking in Geek Week, where teachers explore work related applications for their subjects that is not related to the curriculum for example:

  • English – Journalism
  • Drama – Sales/Events
  • PE – Sports therapy/massage
  • Maths – Accounting
  • Business Studies – Practical Issues of running a business

Teachers share their knowledge, outsource guest speakers or organise trips to back up their topic which allows students the opportunity to gain further encounters with employers and career choices.